MIX 101.5 Listeners and Radio Personalities Have Fun Together Smashing Pumpkins

2019 MIX 101.5 Great Pumpkin Smash

MIX 101.5 held the 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Smash on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at Three Bears Acres in Creedmoor.

The 4th Annual MIX 101.5 Great Pumpkin Smash received rave reviews from the WRAL-FM staffers and listeners who joined in the fun at Three Bears Acres in Creedmoor on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

“I’d say it was another SMASHING success!” said WRAL-FM Promotions Director Jason Newton.  “It was a perfect fall weather day, with lots of happy faces running around smashing pumpkins!”

WRAL-FM fans brought their leftover Halloween pumpkins to dispose of them in crazy fun ways.

“Smashed, tossed, sling-shotted, dropped, beaten just a few of the ways pumpkins were destroyed,” saif WRAL-FM Asst Program Director/Music Director Jim Kelly.  “It is always a great time and once again this year the weather gods cooperated with a B-E-A-UTIFUL day. People stayed all day enjoying everything there is to do at 3 Bears Acres besides just the pumpkin smashing. Wool-E-Bull even got in on the action. Before he left he had pumpkin guts all over him. We are expecting the cleaning bill any day now.”

Kelly and WRAL-FM Digital Assets Coordinator Kristen Kokkelenberg had been practiced their smashing skills on creative videos for the MIX 101.5 Facebook page to promote the event.

2019 MIX 101.5 Great Pumpkin Smash

MIX 101.5 personalities Diane Ramsey (l to r), Sarah King, Jim Kelly & Doug Miller (with a selfie photo bomb by Kristen Kokkelenberg) have fun at the 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Smash on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at Three Bears Acres in Creedmoor.

“When you get a bunch of families to smash, thrash, launch, slingshot, pelt and destroy pumpkins… what could go wrong?” said Kokkelenberg.  “The kids love it, the parents love it, and it was a gorgeous day outside!”

Newton also saw a lot of happy families at the event.

“I spoke with a family who said they recently moved back to the area listened to MIX and they just had to come join the fun,” said Newton.  “They said they had a great day and their son had the best shirt on. It was a monster truck smashing pumpkins with the text ‘Pumpkin Smasher’.”

The event gave the MIX personalities a chance to get out from behind the mike and spend face-to-face time with listeners.

“My favorite part honestly, with any MIX event, is when listeners come by and say hey to the talent and you see tons of genuine connections and conversations happening, it seriously warms radio hearts!” said Kokkelenberg.  “Pumpkin Smash 2019 was a huge success!”

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Kristen Kokkelenberg for these capcom photos.

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